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Short cuts to help, planning and advocacy information Read More
An alphabetical list of terms and their meanings related to aging and long-term care.
A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and accelerating the pace of medical discoveries to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health. Read More
Read a real resident’s experience in one nursing home and follow how an Individualized Plan of Care should be developed.
Nursing home director John George visits his nearly 100-year-old grandfather at his farm and his grandma's grave and tries to come to terms with death. Read More
If you are caring for your parents in any way, you'll want to follow Jane Gross's blog The New Old Age
This booklet provides answers to common questions about long-distance caregiving.
Lloyd's son takes him on a boat ride. Read More
Five-star rating system to help consumers select nursing home
Who can help with a nursing home problem?