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"One of the fastest-growing areas within the health care field — home care for the elderly — also is one of the lowest paid and most exploitable," says a New York Times editorial.
Hypothermia, frostbite, and falls are among the winter-related dangers faced by older adults.
Light Drinkers Fare Better As They Get Older
Dr. Rhonda Montgomery addresses "What are the phases of applied research in the area of family caregiving? And how can we find and foster strong partnerships through those phases?" in her white paper delivered at the 2008 Think Tank sponsored by the Center on Age & Community.
New research in the field of regenerative medicine has the potential to provide treatments for diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.
In her blog, “A Good Enough Daughter”, Sara Myers writes about her personal experience caring for her 90 year-old mother.
Even as they make up nearly 40 percent of family care providers now, men are less likely to ask for help to cope.
Study finds those tending Alzheimer's relatives at risk for hospital visits of their own.
Wall Street Journal reporter, Melinda Beck, reports that "neuroscientists say forgetting is crucial to the efficient functioning of the mind, to learning, adapting and recalling more significant things."