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About Us


371 Productions produces documentaries about the human dimension of institutions, issues, and events that shape our lives. We tell our stories through the people featured in the film, allowing for the complicated nature and surprises of life to be seen and heard without interference from a host or an imposed point of view. Our intention is to provoke questions, engage the senses, and compel empathy. We hope to push the old adage further; truth is not only stranger than fiction, it can also be more illuminating.

In addition to making documentaries, 371 Productions designs and implements outreach and education projects to extend and deepen the impact of its films. Each outreach project is a campaign to bring together people in communities across America to discuss the issues raised by a film, and to create an infrastructure to keep that discussion going for years to come.

371 Productions is a unique entity, an independent production company operating from within and supported by the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The partnership promotes academic and community service collaboration on many levels and provides students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in professional documentary production.

Brad Lichtenstein, Director, Producer, Outreach Director, and founder of 371 Productions, has been working in film and television since 1992. Early credits include associate producer of FRONTLINE’s Peabody award-winning presidential election year special, CHOICE ’96 (PBS) and, with Lumiere Productions in New York, where he worked for seven years, associate producer of the PBS series WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE: THE RISE OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IN AMERICA. Also with Lumiere, he produced (with Ali Pomeroy) and directed Andre’s Lives, a portrait of the “Jewish Schindler” and the Discovery Channel documentary Safe, about three women who sought refuge from domestic violence in a secret safehouse. He was one of the producers of the PBS series LOCAL NEWS, about a year-in-the-life of a local news station in Charlotte, NC, and helped to organize a nationwide outreach effort that brought news professionals into constructive dialogue with the communities they cover. In 2001 he produced (with Amanda McBaine and David Van Taylor) and directed Ghosts of Attica, a feature documentary about the infamous 1971 prison uprising and ensuing 30-year journey to justice pursued by former inmates and guards. Ghosts of Attica was awarded a Dupont-Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2002. Lichtenstein designed an outreach program for Ghosts of Attica that brings prisoners and their guards together for discussion of prison reform “with no bars between them.” During the aftermath of 9.11 he produced and directed (with David Van Taylor) the PBS documentary Caught in the Crossfire, which chronicled the lives of three Arab New Yorkers in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. He has also produced for the weekly PBS series NOW WITH BILL MOYERS, served as consulting producer for the film Army of One, about army recruits who joined the army after 9.11, and produced (with Lisa Gildehaus) and directed the PBS documentary Almost Home, about people who live and work in a retirement community transforming the traditional institutional nursing home into a true home. Brad’s next film features DJ Spooky in What We Got, about privatization’s encroachment on public goods. He teaches documentary film production in the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s film department.

Outreach Team
Bodie & Kovitz Communications

Sallie Bodie has worked with non-profit and corporate clients for almost 20 years. Her role has focused on innovative ways to use media in managing grant projects, providing her clients with marketing and outreach to inform, educate and entertain diverse audiences. Bodie was national outreach director for National Public Radio (NPR) for eight years. During that time, she extended the impact of popular NPR programs through Web sites and teacher’s guides and created more than 25 national public awareness campaigns. She is an independent producer of radio stories, and volunteers as a reporter for community station KBCS-FM, Bellevue, WA.

Roselle Kovitz has designed and managed all facets of public communication campaigns for over 20 years. During her career, she has directed local and national public television and radio outreach efforts, managed grant projects and established the Midwest regional office of the Public Television Outreach Alliance. She has also written a variety of informational, educational, promotional and Web materials, radio essays and co-authored A History of Public Broadcasting.

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